What Our Patients Have to Say

Macular Degeneration

It happened so gradually I never realized anything was wrong. At home I kept making accommodations. For instance, when I was having problems reading, I would simply find a brighter light to sit under. I told myself I was just getting old and dismissed my difficulty. One afternoon, I went out with some friends for lunch. I asked, ”How do they expect anyone to see the menu with such bad lighting?” At the time everyone just laughed. Afterwards, my friend Jean told me that the restaurant was actually quite bright and she suggested I see Dr. Latina. Thank goodness for Jean’s advice and honesty. Dr. Latina, told me that At 71, Macular Degeneration was a concern. He was correct but fortunately we caught it early. We discussed treatment options and I am taking the right steps to maintain my sight. Marilyn K. 71

Marilyn K. 8/30/2015 7:40 AM


Had it not been for a visit to see my grandchildren and the prompting of my son, I could easily be blind today. At the time, I had already lost most of the vision in my right eye to Glaucoma. My doctor at the time was very cautious of the treatment of the Glaucoma in my left eye. He told me that since it was not that advanced we should just “wait and see”. During my visit, the subject of my sight arose and my son and daughter-in-law persuaded me to get a second opinion with Dr. Latina. Dr. Latina saw me right away. After my exam, he told me we needed to proceed immediately to save the remaining vision in my left eye. He explained that I was a perfect candidate for SLT Therapy (Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty) and that this was a procedure that could be performed safely and effectively in his office. I was relieved not to need surgery. Five years have passed and my vision is excellent. I am glad I did not “wait and see” and grateful to Dr. Latina and his SLT Therapy. Robert D. 67

Robert D. 8/25/2015 5:35 PM